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Haspelrullar DAIWA EXIST LT 2500-XH
  • Haspelrullar DAIWA EXIST LT 2500-XH
  • Haspelrullar DAIWA EXIST LT 2500-XH
  • Haspelrullar DAIWA EXIST LT 2500-XH


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DAIWA EXIST LT är en av, om inte den absolut bästa haspelrullen som någonsin har tillverkats. Daiwas mål är, och har under de sista 60åren, varit att tillverka den bästa haspelrullen. Daiwa Exist LT är resultatet av detta. Med en vikt på endast 180 gram känns det nästa overkligt lätt. Låg vikt till trots, denna rullen klarar de tuffaste tagen och har en broms på hela 10kg! 



6.2:1 / 87cm
0.10mm / 200m
12 BB (12 CRBB)

The EXIST LT 2018 has been built to represent 60 years of Daiwa innovation and is a distillation of the very latest Daiwa technologies. The EXIST LT 2018 has been made in Japan and is a perfect marriage of the new LT (Light and Tough) concept and a Monococque magnesium body: the ideal balance between strength and lightness.


The LT concept is driven by the aim of eliminating all unnecessary surface area on the reel – hence the futuristic design replete with air holes and bevelled edges. The split down the Air Handle is typical of this avant-garde design, where grams have been shaved to racing-car levels of precision. The Exist LT 2018 weights in at a staggering 180g for the 2500 and 185g for the 3000, yet with the rock-solid stability you’d expect from a magnesium body. This weight ratio makes this reel the perfect match for rods with our AGS guides and high grade carbon wraps such as the Morethan Branzino AGS or the Steez AGS.


The Monocoque body is a one-piece design. The wide side plate boasts an extremely stable screw which has allowed us to fit a brand new drive gear occupying the entire surface space, designed in aluminium for even more cranking power. The drag is equipped with ATD technology and is 30% stronger than before: it now boasts a 10kg rating on the 2500 model and its enlarged button offers stability and total fighting control from the first run to the final lunge.


Every phase of the design of the Exist LT has been geared towards producing durability to match its excellence. The high-tech Daiwa Mag Sealed oil has been applied to every key component and is held in place by a magnetic field. The MagSealed bearings which flank the drive gear increase the fluidity of the reel as well as its lifespan.


MagSealed Oil powered by magnetised nanoparticules has been applied to the pickup roller as well as around the shaft. The ultralight Zaion carbon rotor responds to the slightest twitch of the handle for unrivalled sensitivity to movements on the line – this is where you feel the 60 years of innovation in your hands.

The Japanese build quality makes no compromises in fusing the two key elements of this exceptional product: lightness and toughness.

  • 30% reinforced ATD drag with large button for increased stability
  • Bearings : 12 + 1 including 2 Mag Sealed and 10 CRBB
  • Monocoque Body in magnesium and Zaion carbon Air Rotor
  • Ultralight aluminium Air Spool
  • CrossWrap line lay
  • Ultralight one-piece unscrewable Air Handle in aluminium with air groove
  • Supplied in a neoprene case with mesh side