Ytbeten & Poppers ILLEX RISER BAIT 015P
  • Ytbeten & Poppers ILLEX RISER BAIT 015P


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ILLEX RISER BAIT 015P är ett innovativt ytbete anpassat för tunga fiskar. Tropiskt fiske,tonfisk, sejfiske, gäddfiske, detta betet klarar det mesta. Utrustat med Owner ST66 samt rejäla fjäderringar för att maximera dina chanser att landa fisken.





The RISERBAIT 015P is a flapper style popper lure fitted with an additional metal lip to create a more erratic darting swimming action. The perforated mouth generates splashes of water and leaves a trail of bubbles in its wake that flash and sparkle enticingly like a fleeing prey fish. The lure works best with fish that respond to flapper style baits and work particularly well at imitating the fish feeling from trevally and tuna attacks. The bubbles trail confuses fish and provokes them to take this bait even if it is larger than the rest of the prey fish being chased. The lure is dense for its size and this helps casting even in tricky windy conditions. This Tropicalized version of a RISERBAIT has been fitted with our Wire Through system to attach the hooks and will handle tough fighting like yellow and red tuna, trevally, leerfish and bluefish. The RISERBAIT 015P is fitted with OWNER ST 66 triple hooks that are strong and treated against corrosion. We recommend this bait for: Bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean or Atlantic. Yellowfin Tuna fishing off the Pacific coastline of Central America or in the Indian Ocean. Jack Crevalle fishing of West Africa. Giant trevally fishing off the west coast of Madagascar. Rooster fish in Mexican, Costa Rican and Panamanian waters particularly when they are hunting off beaches. All marine predators that hunt close to the surface.